The Importance of Benchmarking and Quality Management with Respect to Business Strategy


  • Ayşenur ERDİL İstanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey



Benchmarking, Business, Quality, Management, Strategy


Understanding- knowledge is a powerful tool that can be used to preserve a legacy, learn novel concepts, solve issues, develop core competencies, and start new initiatives for individuals and organizations today and in the future. While strategic positioning refers to doing things differently from rivals, operational and process effectiveness refers to doing things better than rivals. The act of keeping track of and contrasting to find methods to enhance operations, procedures, and achieve greater performance and effectiveness is known as benchmarking for libraries. Entrepreneurs have been learning new guidelines for their firms to exist for a long time. Businesses need to be adaptable in order to react quickly to developments in the competitive marketplace. Even with these quick changes, management techniques and procedures like total quality management, quality management, benchmarking, outsourcing, and reengineering are still necessary to achieve efficiency, quality, and speed. Businesses ought to convert those advantages into long-term financial success. These instruments have gradually replaced strategy. The purpose of the research on these subjects is to assist executives in putting quality management concepts and practices into effect more successfully by suggesting methods that should be implemented in their service and manufacturing businesses in order to enhance company efficiency and increase satisfaction with clients. Regarding to these concepts and based on these concepts, this study aims to emphasize the importance of benchmarking, total quality management and quality management due to competitive strategy in terms of developing business strategy. In addition, the study presents the link between quality management and competitive strategy through benchmarking and case studies in the context of business.




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