Digitization And Higher Education In Algeria


  • Naimi Amina PhD Sociology of communication, University of Mostaganem, Algeria




Digitization, High Education, Platforms, E-Learning


This research deals with the topic of digitization in higher education especially in Algeria due to the importance of this sector and its vitality in graduating academic competencies, and the importance of digitization in keeping pace with rapid and continuous development and considered one of the aspects of applying communication technology. The research aims to define digitization, its effects, limits, and its current levels and challenges in the higher education sector in general, especially in Algeria. To highlight these concerns, we relied on statement of factual data from official sources, from previous studies and from participatory observation data due to the author’s contact with the university and knowledge of some aspects of interaction therein. The research concluded that higher education in Algeria was strengthened by the digital system gradually and slowly, and the movement accelerated after the pandemic Covid-19, specifically since 2021, with intensive efforts and budgets recorded to absorb the shortage. However, there are gaps: in terms of network and technical coverage, in terms of the characteristics of digital itself, which always remains in challenges and risks, as well as on the other hand, the convictions of its users in the effectiveness of this method compared to the traditional dealing without technology.




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Amina, N. (2023). Digitization And Higher Education In Algeria. AS-Proceedings, 1(1), 65–70. https://doi.org/10.59287/as-proceedings.34