Interaction Between the Risk Management Determinants. Risk Management Results Under the Hypothesis Method


  • Desantila Hajrulla
  • Leonard Bezati University of Vlora
  • Gledia Hajrulla Epoka University
  • Shkelqim Hajrulla Epoka University



Risk Structures, Computational Programs, Campus Security, İnstitutional Standards, Hypothesis Theory


This paper considers the state of the art and consists of the demonstration of an explanatory route for university risk management. The results suggest that the path of finance, crises, and security when interacting with institutional norms predicts the recognition of the institution as resilient in the face of threats, contingencies, dangers, and disasters. The literature corroborates this finding by stating that universities configure a corporate system of negotiations, agreements, and co-responsibilities in the face of risks. Consequently, the administration of public universities depends on the recognition of their identity, image, and reputation in the face of crises. We deal with the considered results comparing the obtained solutions with the exact ones. We give In particular the numerical results compared with the analytical results using the statistical results. It is this internal risk management process that anticipates external recognition that demands a security strategy on campus to achieve image, reputation, and identity standards. In conclusion, mathematically we analyze the exponential function to describe accurate results. The extension of the model is recommended to observe university governance based on internal risk management.

Author Biographies

Desantila Hajrulla

Department of Economics/University, Vlora, Albania

Leonard Bezati, University of Vlora

Department of Mathematics, Albania

Gledia Hajrulla, Epoka University

International Relations Department, Tirana, Albania

Shkelqim Hajrulla, Epoka University

Computer Engineering Department, Tirana, Albania




How to Cite

Hajrulla, D., Bezati, L., Hajrulla, G., & Hajrulla, S. (2023). Interaction Between the Risk Management Determinants. Risk Management Results Under the Hypothesis Method. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 301–306.




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