Statistical Data on Risk Management in University. Overview of Numerical Results


  • Shkelqim Hajrulla Epoka University
  • Desantila Hajrulla University Pavaresia
  • Vasil Lino Epoka University
  • Taqo Stojani Epoka University



Scientific Results, Campus Security, Risk Prediction, Research Statistics, Risk Management


This paper gives some results relationship between risk management and university governance. It is recommended to extend the study towards the relationship with the identity, reputation, and image of the public university. Statistically, we show how the practical methods achieved their goals. The objective of this work was to guide the establishment of a predictive model of the routes that would explain the interaction between the risk management determinants on the institutional recognition that reflects university governance. Financial institutions employ risk management to ensure system stability and protect investors' assets. In our research, we give tabular results to compare the achievement of economic studies Regulators and supervisors play an important role in establishing standards and requirements for risk management in the financial sector. In all of these contexts, risk management involves a proactive approach to anticipate and address potential threats. This includes identifying and assessing risks, implementing mitigation strategies, and preparing to deal with unforeseen situations. In addition, technology, such as data analytics and artificial intelligence, also plays an increasingly important role in improving the ability to anticipate and manage risks effectively.

Author Biographies

Shkelqim Hajrulla, Epoka University

Computer Engineering Department, Tirana, Albania

Desantila Hajrulla, University Pavaresia

Department of Economics, Albania

Vasil Lino, Epoka University

Department of Economics, Tirana, Albania

Taqo Stojani, Epoka University

International Relations Department, Tirana, Albania




How to Cite

Hajrulla, S., Hajrulla, D., Lino, V., & Stojani, T. (2023). Statistical Data on Risk Management in University. Overview of Numerical Results. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 13–19.




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