Scientific Results Using Statistical Data on Economic Studies


  • Shkelqim Hajrulla Epoka University
  • Loubna Ali Univ. of Tartous
  • Desantila Hajrulla University Pavaresia
  • Vasil Lino Epoka University
  • Gledia Hajrulla Epoka University



Scientific Results, Constructive Methods, Economics Prediction, Research Statistics, Assumptions


This article deals with economic scientific research. In many practice studies, the scientists use practice ways to improve students' skills and students achievements. They are also trained in using scientific research and publishing statistical economic results. This paper gives some results using economic statistical data. Using the constructive method we focused on economic acquisition, as well as the research practices. Statistically, we show how the practical methods achieved their goals. This effective practice method requires students to understand what they know and need to learn practices, and research, with great effect in terms of scientific economics results. This article shows the methods of evaluating the success of implementing the practice method, as well as shows that many research ways need to use several assessment parameters. In our research, we give tabular results to compare the achievement of economic studies in a theoretical and practical way. Instead of developing as a modern study of international research, it is allowing the gap between students of international economics and students of international politics to grow their research wider and deeper and more impassable than ever. The results and conclusions of our paper show that their studies and scientific practice are probably explained by the opportunities for math analysis.

Author Biographies

Shkelqim Hajrulla, Epoka University

Computer Engineering Department, Tirana, Albania

Loubna Ali, Univ. of Tartous

Dept. of Information Technology Engineering,  Syria

Desantila Hajrulla, University Pavaresia

Department of Economics, Albania

Vasil Lino, Epoka University

Department of Economics, Tirana, Albania

Gledia Hajrulla, Epoka University

International Relations Department, Tirana, Albania




How to Cite

Hajrulla, S., Ali, L., Hajrulla, D., Lino, V., & Hajrulla, G. (2023). Scientific Results Using Statistical Data on Economic Studies. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 33–37.




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