S-box Generation with Hénon Map for Block Cipher Algorithms


  • Yılmaz Aydın Firat University
  • Fatih Özkaynak Firat University




Chaos, Chaos Analysis, Lyapunov Exponent


Significant progress has been made in the construction of S-Boxes for block cipher algorithms and other components of cryptographic security that include chaotic systems such as the Hénon map. These S-Boxes are a vital component of block ciphers, which encrypt data in fixed sizes like 64, 128 or 256 bits (AES being a prime example). By using non-linear transformations, the S-Box in AES provides confusion and diffusion, which are essential defenses against assaults like as linear and differential cryptanalysis. S-Box generation has been researched for the Hénon map, which is known for its chaotic behavior and sensitivity to initial conditions. Cryptographic criteria like bijectivity, nonlinearity, SAC, BIC, differential uniformity, and linear uniformity are used to evaluate these Hénon map-generated S-Boxes. These standards evaluate the S-Box's ability to confuse and diffuse differences in data, improving the cipher's security. The S-Boxes created using the Hénon maps display promising cryptographic security when compared to ordinary S-Boxes. This offers the possibility that chaotic mathematical structures could improve the security of block ciphers. The effectiveness of these Hénon map-based S-Boxes emphasizes the investigation of novel mathematical techniques while simultaneously strengthening cryptography and opening up new directions for algorithm design.

Author Biographies

Yılmaz Aydın, Firat University

Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Elazig, Turkey

Fatih Özkaynak, Firat University

Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Elazig, Turkey




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Aydın, Y., & Özkaynak, F. (2023). S-box Generation with Hénon Map for Block Cipher Algorithms. AS-Proceedings, 1(7), 421–425. https://doi.org/10.59287/as-proceedings.710