MCDA for evaluating the competitiveness of tourist destinations in Albania


  • Robert Kosova University “A. Moisiu” Durres
  • Dorina Xheraj Subashi University “A. Moisiu” Durres
  • Daniela Qendraj Halidini University “A. Moisiu” Durres
  • Taulant Kullolli “A. Moisiu” Durres



MCDA, Competitiveness, Tourism, Services, Albania


The global economy is changing at a great pace, and the tourism industry cannot be different in this regard. It needs to change and improve constantly to maintain competitiveness in the international market. The competitive ability of any tourism service depends on its capacity to innovate, but only a few companies are able to do this with some consistency and coherence, improving their competitive advantage. The purpose of this article is to analyse some popular tourist destinations in Albania and compare and rank them from the best to the worst regarding their performance and the quality of their services. An important aspect of assessing competitiveness is defining indicators and factors according to a multi-criteria decisionmaking approach. A suitable framework will rank the tourism destinations according to their competitiveness based on the selected indicators and criteria defined by the decision-makers. The use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) is motivated by the fact that real-world decision-making problems have become much more complex and multi-factorial and cannot be accurately measured using only onedimensional approaches. Defining such criteria would help in the overall assessment of the competitiveness of tourism services in Albania and would help in attracting new visitors and investors.

Author Biographies

Robert Kosova, University “A. Moisiu” Durres

Department of Mathematics. Albania

Dorina Xheraj Subashi, University “A. Moisiu” Durres

Department of Tourism.  Albania

Daniela Qendraj Halidini, University “A. Moisiu” Durres

Department of Mathematics. Albania

Taulant Kullolli, “A. Moisiu” Durres

Department of Marketing. Albania.




How to Cite

Kosova, R., Subashi, D. X., Halidini, D. Q., & Kullolli, T. (2023). MCDA for evaluating the competitiveness of tourist destinations in Albania. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 95–102.