Determination of Laterite's Puzzolanic Activity After Calcination


  • Emrah TURAN
  • Meral OLTULU Atatürk University



Laterite, Calcination, Puzzolonic Activity, Compressive Strength


This study focuses on the discovery of various puzzolanic materials to improve cement performance and reduce the negative environmental and economic impacts of cementitious composite materials widely used in the cement industry. However, the fact that mostly preferred puzzolans are industrial wastes and do not possess sustainable material properties increases the importance of exploring new sustainable puzzolans. Recent research in the literature has shown that, in addition to natural puzzolans, laterite may also have potential puzzolanic properties. In order to obtain the puzzolanic properties of laterite that can be used more effectively in the cement industry, the temperature and time of calcination are investigated. Laterite was subjected to different temperature and time combinations to determine its puzzolanic activity. The mechanical experiments show that laterite has the potential to improve the performance of cementitious building materials.

Author Biographies


Department of Civil Engineering, Atatürk University, Turkey

Meral OLTULU, Atatürk University

Department of Civil Engineering,  Turkey




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TURAN, E., & OLTULU, M. (2023). Determination of Laterite’s Puzzolanic Activity After Calcination. AS-Proceedings, 1(7), 1029–1032.