Determination of Optical Parameters of BTB (C34H28N6)


  • Murat YILDIRIM Selcuk University



Optic, Urbach Energy


BTB (C34H28N6) organic semiconductor has been shown to be a potential application for sustainable thin-film solar cell devices. In this paper, we have presented determination of optical parameters. We have analyzed the optical transmission and reflection spectra of nanocrystal BTB thin film. Optical band gap Eg and absorption coefficient () of thin film have been determined by standard optical analysis and also several optical parameters such as refractive index (n), extinction coefficient (k), the Urbach energy (EU) have been calculated. Optical transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy have been presented in order to use in the performance of single-junction solar devices. Optical measurements have showed a band gap of 4.13 eV which is optimal for an optoelectronic devices.

Author Biography

Murat YILDIRIM, Selcuk University

Department of Biotechnology, Science Faculty, Turkey




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YILDIRIM, M. (2023). Determination of Optical Parameters of BTB (C34H28N6). AS-Proceedings, 1(7), 953–957.