Control of Single Phase Square Wave Inverter by SKYPER


  • Metin Demirtas Balikesir University



Inverter, Raspberry Pi, Matlab, IGBT, square wave


The DC-AC converters are commonly known as inverters. It transforms direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) at the desired output and frequency. Typically, the inverters are supplied by DC power source consisting of an electric power network and rectifier. A filter capacitor is added to the inverter's input terminals and provides a constant DC link voltage. The inverter behaves as an adjustablefrequency voltage source. Inverters can be divided into two classes voltage source inverters and current source inverters. The experimental setup, in this study, consists of a single-phase inverter and a full-bridge rectifier. The model is implemented using the MATLAB/Simulink program, utilizing the IGBT model as the switching device. The triggering process is executed using SKYPER32 PRO. The SKYPER platform is planned for robustness against external interference. Control of the IGBTs' ON/OFF switching state is facilitated by a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal, integrated into the driver model for the control of the switching scheme. The experimental results verified that the SKYPER is successful in controlling of IGBTs for inverters by PWM.

Author Biography

Metin Demirtas, Balikesir University

Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Turkey




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Demirtas, M. (2023). Control of Single Phase Square Wave Inverter by SKYPER . AS-Proceedings, 1(7), 283–286.