Odd and Even Codes Existence with Repetitive Formation Codes On the Ring F2 [v] / [v2 -1]


  • Mustafa ÖZKAN Trakya University
  • Nilsu KANDEMİR Trakya University




Repeated Formation Codes, Odd Codes, Even Codes, Hadamard Codes, Generator Matrices


In this study, on the ring F2 [v] [v 2 −k] ⁄ to be in the situation condition with k = 1 has been studied . This the four elements ring special conditions under code clusters written ( special generators by giving ). More later this four elemental set with binary fields between relationship was established . More before published by M. Özkan and F. Öke titled Repeat Codes, Even Codes, Odd Codes and Their Equivalence [16] from his work was used. In [16], the study k = 0 aspect has been studied . Here we wrote working different of type ring structure with different generators with codes with k = 1 condition . After that this of codes, odd and even whether they are double or not is classified . Defined generators with get made codes; odd code or which odd to the code equivalent is similar way even code or which even to the code equivalent is presented. Repetitive formation of codes, odd and even with codes similarities and from their equivalences has been mentioned. More later examples by giving studied code of sets Which of type to codes opposite was brought were studied. Examples with repetitive formation of codes and equivalent of codes application were given.

Author Biographies

Mustafa ÖZKAN, Trakya University

Mathematics and life Science Department / Faculty of Education, Turkey

Nilsu KANDEMİR, Trakya University

Department of Computational Sciences / Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences ,  Turkey




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ÖZKAN, M., & KANDEMİR, N. (2023). Odd and Even Codes Existence with Repetitive Formation Codes On the Ring F2 [v] / [v2 -1]. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 512–520. https://doi.org/10.59287/as-ijanser.665