Design and Implementation of Smart Office Automation System


  • Salah Abdulghani Alabady University of Mosuy
  • Ammar Abdul-Hamed Khader
  • Hassan Basil Yousif University of Mosul
  • Abdullah Mohammed Khaleel
  • Mustafa Ahmed Abdullah University of Mosul



Smart Office, Automation, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (Hvac) Systems, Arduino, Sensors


Designing an automation system for a smart office (SO) and then implementing it was done in this work through: heat regulation and adaptation, lights switches, and also security alarming systems as subsystems. There are many benefits of a smart office, some of which can be listed here as Boosting productivity, Better use of office space, Improving collaboration, motivating and enticing workers/employees to stay at work, keeping them entertained, and reducing the average time to repair. To smarten up your office, you can utilize displays in the meeting room, smart sensors to control the devices, and exploit modern technology. Extracting real-time data from the environment required sensors, which are processed to give a suitable output after passing through a controller. Some output devices are connected to the controller like; a buzzer, fan, and bulb. For security purpose keypad is used and also an extra module representing fingerprint identification. The goal of this paper is to implement a secure system that saves energy. Based on the persons entering or exiting the room, the light and fan will be turned ON or OFF automatically. Also, the light intensity can be adjusted according to the sunlight and the number of people in the place.

Author Biographies

Salah Abdulghani Alabady, University of Mosuy

Computer Engineering Department /College of Engineering, Iraq

Ammar Abdul-Hamed Khader

Department of Missions and Cultural Relations / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientifi, Iraq

Hassan Basil Yousif, University of Mosul

Department of Scientific Affairs , Iraq

Abdullah Mohammed Khaleel

Aljazeera Dairy, Ice Cream and Food / Industries Co.Lt, Iraq

Mustafa Ahmed Abdullah, University of Mosul

Department of Scientific Affairs , Iraq




How to Cite

Alabady, S. A., Khader, A. A.-H., Yousif, H. B., Khaleel, A. . M., & Abdullah, M. A. (2023). Design and Implementation of Smart Office Automation System. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 283–288.