Impact of Urban Transformation Projects on Parameters of Safety Perception in Kadikoy


  • Seyyid Muhammed Maruf Zortul Varna Free University
  • Plamen Petrov Varna Free University



Urban Transformation, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Security, Urbanization


In the last decade, propelled by state support, urban transformation initiatives have gained momentum in specific areas of Istanbul in response to the challenges posed by population growth and irregular urbanization trends. These endeavors have led to diverse social, economic, and cultural shifts within these regions. However, despite the impact of changing living arrangements with urban transformation on some social perceptions, the number of studies focusing on individuals' evaluations of security, which is a basic criterion in determining living space, is quite low. Furthermore, while a comprehensive examination of the region concerning aspects such as health and education facilities, parks and green space regulations is crucial for the effective implementation of urban transformation, studies addressing these facets remain insufficient. According to the findings, the urban transformation zones within the Kadıköy district, wherein security, health, education, recreational spaces, and traffic regulations were predominantly characterized as 'completely insufficient' or 'insufficient' prior to the urban transformation, exhibited a shift towards being perceived as 'completely sufficient' or 'sufficient' following the urban transformation. Nevertheless, it is recommended that subsequent studies, encompassing diverse regions and larger sample sizes, should be routinely conducted post on-site transformation projects. This practice is essential to ensure the alignment of the expectations of residents in the evolving region after urban transformation with the actual conditions in their residing area. Such studies can unveil latent factors that warrant prioritization in future projects and contribute to mitigating the economic and social burdens associated with transformation.

Author Biographies

Seyyid Muhammed Maruf Zortul, Varna Free University

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Faculty of Architecture, Bulgaria

Plamen Petrov, Varna Free University

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies; Faculty of Architecture, Bulgaria




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Zortul, S. M. M., & Petrov, P. (2023). Impact of Urban Transformation Projects on Parameters of Safety Perception in Kadikoy. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches (IJANSER), 7(11), 1–4.